#EduEyeExam Information

Good evening, friends! We interrupt this irregularly scheduled blog site to bring you some pretty awesome information! Well, at least I think it’s pretty awesome!

This blog fulfills the implementation of several books from #DBC50Summer!

In the very first #DBC50Summer book post (Teach Like a PIRATE by Dave Burgess), my implementation was the quote, “It’s not supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be worth it.” I had no idea how that would be played out, but I knew that I needed to remember that when obstacles made something difficult, it would be worth it on the other side.

In the post for Stories from Webb by Todd Nesloney, I shared that I knew I needed to write & share my own story.

When I finished The EduNinja Mindset by Jennifer Burdis, I knew I wanted to create my own mission statement.

Later on in #DBCBookBlogs, Run Like a PIRATE by Adam Welcome inspired me to start now and try big things!

Shortly after that blog post, I did a thing. I started and definitely decided to try big things! It wasn’t easy! I wrote more than a mission statement. I nailed down my educational philosophy, my vision; I wrote my story and talked to Shelley Burgess about having Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc publish it.

Here we are almost 9 months (to the day) after that conversation with Shelley. I received an email early this morning letting me know that edits were finished and the final files were being sent to DBC, Inc for publishing!!!

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 7.46.26 PM

If you’d like more information about the release of Educational Eye Exam: Creating Your Vision for Education, along with information about book signings and more, subscribe by completing this form.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Please share using the hashtag #EduEyeExam on Twitter and Instagram!

3 thoughts on “#EduEyeExam Information

  1. Mrs.Ray congratulations on your book i hope you have a great time selling your book remember you are the sun and no one outshines you i know you will come far in your new book and amaze many people thank you for everything


  2. Mrs.Ray is amazing to each and everyone of her students i remember one time in 5th grade e needed something and she popped out of nowhere but she was there to help she calls us her “adopted children”
    any time a student needs something we go ask Mrs.Ray she it Truly the best and i have never felt so close to a teacher before this year when i moved to Meadowview her and i was talking and she said “if you ever need anything let me know” and personally i don’t believe she is a library teacher because most library teachers say to be Quite and she Practically tells us we can talk in her class.


  3. Hello, I attended this session at the NC Learns Together. I was wondering if I could get a copy of the presentation you used in the session. I really liked the quotes you used.


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