About the Author


I am just a big kid who has no idea what I want to be when I grow up.  I crave knowledge.  I try to instill that desire for knowledge into my students.

Prior to beginning a pilot position in August 2016 as Lead Digital Learning and Media Innovation Facilitator, I was a media coordinator in a high poverty PreK-5 rural elementary school.  Before that, I was a fifth grade teacher for 7 1/2 years.  I currently work at a magnet middle school with a focus on STEM Education and love working with the students and teachers there.  I credit my PLN for growing me as a professional every single day and thank them for always inspiring me to become better for my students.  (Follow me on Twitter: @iluveducating) I firmly believe I work for the greatest school system in the world.  I am a Future Ready Instructional Coach Thought Leader, a member of North Carolina Digital Leaders Coaching Network (2014-2018), Representative for the North District on the NCTIES Board of Directors, and an advocate for making school fun again.  

I am the author of Educational Eye Exam: Creating Your Vision for Education.

Personally, I have an amazingly supportive husband, two beautiful little girls (ages: 10 and 6), and a shih tzu named Gabby.  I attend a spectacular church full of imperfect people who want to serve our Lord.  I enjoy board, dice, and card games and am a HUGE football fan!

All opinions, thoughts, and expressions written in this blog are my own.

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