What’s Inside Our Virtual Reality Lab?

Several people have asked what was placed in the Virtual Reality lab since a recent blog post, Media Makeover.  I thought it would be much easier to create a short blog post relaying this information.

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Virtual Reality headset: htc Vive – Included in the box are the headset, two controllers (with power adapters, lanyards and micro-USB cables), two base stations (with power adapters, wall mounting kit & sync cable), 3-in-1 cable, audio cable, ear buds, 2 face cushions, cleaning cloth, link box, power adapter, HDMI cable, USB cable, mounting pad, and various documentation.

Paint:  Sherwin-Williams Dynamic Blue

Lighting: Ikea Holmo Floor Lamps (Set of 3) & Philips Hue Lights Starter Kit

Base Stations: Two base stations come with the htc Vive.  We chose to mount them on tripod stands for portability (although we rarely move the set-up now).  We have a very small piece of masking tape with an “x’ on it to aid in quick set-up if the tripod is bumped or moved.  We also purchased mini ball heads.

Computer: Nearly any VR compatible computer will do.  Be sure your graphics card is ready to handle 1080p quality from the Vive & consider that you may choose to be running the Vive and two exterior screens (monitor & TV).  For exact US specs, check here.

Viveport vs Steam: We typically run Steam for all of our VR experiences.  The new home screen is pretty awesome, and the ability to switch environments and join with others around the world is an incredible improvement.

Futon: We chose the Mainstays Memory Foam Futon in black.  I would recommend any seating with faux leather that is easy to keep clean.

Banners: Lucas Gillispie designed and printed these using creative commons images & an online banner maker called Bannerbuzz

TV: We chose a 40″ HD TV with wall mount for students who were waiting to be able to see what the student in the headset was experiencing.  We found this allows those who can’t put on the headset for various reasons to still take part in the experience.  Virtual Reality is a tool to teach, so we want all students to have the same opportunity as much as possible.

We look forward to the new vive tracker and are interested to see what come from the TPCAST Wireless VR add-on.  Finally, keep an eye on the new Vive standalone VR headset.  Check out current information here.


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