Here is another enthusiastic blog post in which the words awesome and amazing are overused brought to you by another edcamp!  If you’re still on the fence about edcamp, I highly recommend that you just go for it!  Find an edcamp near you, and you can write your own enthusiastic blog posts rather than read mine :-)… well, go ahead and read mine, and then share yours with me so we can be excited together!


All across the nation edcampers are uniting in EdCamp Leadership in which leaders in education, administration, central office personnel, and teachers from PreK to university are gathering together as change agents.  You can follow along with all the awesome using the hashtag #edcampLDR – catch up with today’s edcamp and continue to watch and participate from afar on Twitter while the rest are held on Monday!  These are the people responsible for #edcampLDR in North Carolina.


The Friday Institute in Raleigh, NC hosted #edcampLDR today, July 10.  As with edcamp custom, participants created the session board upon arrival by suggesting topics they want to discuss with other educators across our state.  I personally was hoping to see Game-Based Learning and Gamification, PBL, Twitter, and lots of discussion on how to be a better leader in my school.  I was not disappointed in any aspect. Our session board was created and we were off. edcamp2     You can check out the session notes here.  There were some great discussions, fabulous resources, and wonderful ideas shared among the participants.  One of the best parts of the day was the photo booth that was set up by Strawbridge Photography!

edcamp4 edcamp5

I didn’t need to see guitars or microphones to know we were hanging out with Rock Stars today!  One of my favorite Rock Stars to show up today was our very own State Superintendent, Dr. June Atkinson.  She is a true leader and a change agent.  I had the pleasure of meeting her once before and was thrilled to see her again.  For me, it validated edcamps and what we are doing there as she saw merit in our purpose, prioritized edcamp on her busy schedule, and even joined in on our first session asking questions and contributing to the All Things Twitter conversation.


The last part of the day was the Smackdown.  This was different than what I had experience because they did an “edu-smackdown” in which participants not only showed apps and websites that were great for education, but also shared an “a-ha” moment for the day.  The complete list can be found here, and I will be using several of the apps/sites as part of my on-going EdTech Summer.  Check back for more details about that.

For now, I am utterly exhausted from all the awesome today.  What was your biggest take-away from #edcampLDR?

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