Must-Have Tech Tools for Remote Learning

I’ve seen, quite literally, hundreds of tech tools & curation lists & book lists & calendars & read alouds &… (exhausted, yet?) being discussed to prepare our students for remote learning through the coming weeks.

Can I just be real for a minute?

I’m overwhelmed.

If you are too, here’s a list (yes, another…) of my must-have tech tools for remote learning. I truly believe that if we’ve got these tools in place, our students can blow our minds with what they create and share with the world during the foreseeable future, even from home.

RemoteLearning COVID19 by Alicia Ray (2)


To access links, click here: RemoteLearning COVID19 by Alicia Ray

*Note: Some of the literacy links are specific to my school/state. Passwords to these cannot be shared with general public.

One section in particular that I hope will spur some thoughts is the section about virtual trips. It’s important that our students see the world during this time where so many things around them are shutting down. I hope it will allow our students the opportunity to get “out” of their homes while still being safely distanced from this strand of the coronavirus. The empathy we have the ability to foster in students right now is unbelievable. There are not many times in our history that we have joined together as a global people to combat something bigger than us. Just a few months ago, COVID-19 seemed so far away and now it’s on our door steps. Let’s use this opportunity to do some good and shower one another with love, grace, forgiveness, and inspire hope in others.

Remember, as overwhelmed as we may be feeling, our students likely feel that overwhelm exponentially.

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For more ideas on digital learning, I recommend checking out these books:

Tech with Heart by Stacey Roshan

Ditch that Textbook by Matt Miller

Ditch that Homework by Matt Miller & Alice Keeler

50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom by Alice Keeler & Libbi Miller, Ed.D.

50 Things To Go Further With Google Classroom by Alice Keeler & Libbi Miller, Ed.D.

Shake Up Learning by Kasey Bell

and for the love of all, please check out Master the Media by Julie Smith!




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