Ending the Blogging Hiatus

So I’m here to say I’m officially ending the blogging hiatus today!  I’ve been inspired during the Blogging session at #EdCampWake & I’m looking forward to sharing the awesome that I see and my students are doing.  Have you ever been in a funk?  It’s easy, as an educator to lose sight of your “why” in the craziness of evaluations, testing, conferences, (insert acronym here), education jargon, blah, blah, blah….

It was brought to my attention today that I’m not just neglecting to blog, but I’m neglecting to take time to reflect on my practices.  At first I was a bit offended, but then I felt more convicted.

No excuses, but here’s an explanation.  In July 2016, I was given an incredible opportunity to pilot a new position in my school system.  It formally marries the Instructional Technology Facilitator position and Library Media Coordinator position.  I am the Lead Digital Learning and Media Innovation Facilitator for my STEM magnet middle school.  I have always been at the elementary level, so being at the middle school and adapting to the differences in culture has been an adventure.  I knew no one at the school (which is saying something in my rural district), and although I’m pretty outgoing, I was terrified of rejection.  I still am in many ways.  I serve as both the digital coach and as media coordinator for my school.  It’s my district’s way of purposefully moving our media centers to the future.  And I love it!  I appreciate how purposeful it is – changing the culture and climate of the media center.

So, today – March 18, 2017 – I am committing to writing a blog a month.  Some will be reflective, some full of awesome resources, and some will be just sharing my hopes for the future for accountability…

Thank you to all the folks in the Blogging session (specifically Tom Mullaney) at #edcampwake.  Stay tuned.  Here we go again.

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