About the Author


I am just a big kid who has no idea what I want to be when I grow up.  I crave knowledge.  I try to instill that desire for knowledge into my students.

Prior to beginning a pilot position in August 2016 as Lead Digital Learning and Media Innovation Facilitator, I was a media coordinator in a high poverty PreK-5 rural elementary school.  Before that, I was a fifth grade teacher for 7 1/2 years.  I currently work at a magnet middle school with a focus on STEM Education and love working with the students and teachers there.  I credit my PLN for growing me as a professional every single day and thank them for always inspiring me to become better for my students.  (Follow me on Twitter: @iluveducating) I firmly believe I work for the greatest school system in the world.  I am a Future Ready Instructional Coach Thought Leader, a member of North Carolina Digital Leaders Coaching Network (2014-2018), Representative for the North District on the NCTIES Board of Directors, and an advocate for making school fun again.  All opinions, thoughts, and expressions written in this blog are my own.

Personally, I have an amazingly supportive husband, two beautiful little girls (ages: 9 and 6), and a shih tzu named Gabby.  I attend a spectacular church full of imperfect people who want to serve our Lord.  I love to play board, dice, and card games and am a HUGE football fan!

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